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We developed our first rental property in 2005, and we still manage it successfully today. We believe in building for the long term – and not only our properties.

As successful business people, we know that word travels fast – and if you want a long career, it pays to do things right. So we do right by our investors, our suppliers, and our customers.

That means being flexible about investment structures, and open about expected returns. It means working with trusted professionals to deliver properties to a high standard, on time. And it means doing whatever we can to keep them all occupied by satisfied, happy customers.

That’s just good business sense. But for us, doing things properly is also about something deeper.

It’s a matter of family pride.


YPN Magazine

We feel honoured to have be interviewed by YPN magazine for the second time, a feature on different Serviced Accommodation business models. We discussed our the importance of finding your niche in whatever you do, being laser focused on that one thing and the challenges around setting up and scaling businesses.

A huge part of that is having the right systems and processes in place to source and analyse opportunities, refurbish then set-up properties and then give our guests the experience they want, while also providing an infinitely scalable business model for ourselves and our investors.



Mark Fernihough

Managing Director

Mark has previously built a successful family business from scratch to a £3 million turnover. Along the way, he developed impressive negotiating skills and cost control acumen. Mark now focuses on creating long term shared value for our investment partners. 

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Paul Fernihough

Operations Director

After a successful career in the building supplies industry, Paul project-managed his first development in 2012. He now oversees all project management and property management aspects of our businesses.

We’re constantly investing time and resources in understanding the changing property market. We’re part of a nationwide network of property developers and investors – exchanging mentoring, education and advice with dozens of our peers, all over the UK.


The first step in any relationship is a conversation. Whether you’re an investor, a property owner or a landlord – or if you just have a question that we might be able to help you with – please feel free to get in touch or schedule a call when it's convenient for you.


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